The night before your pet’s scheduled procedure, his or her last meal should be before midnight. Cats can have free access to water, and dogs can have access to water until 6:00am the morning of the procedure. If your pet takes daily medications, Dr. Fulton or Dr. Lommer will inform you which medications are ok for administration on the morning of the procedure.

Drop-off is usually between 7:30 and 7:45am. Procedures begin shortly after 8:00am and continue through 2 or 3pm. We generally anesthetize the oldest or most medically-compromised patients first, while younger and/or healthier pets may wait until late morning or early afternoon to undergo anesthesia. If your young, healthy pet is especially nervous in hospital, we may arrange a special drop-off time closer to the time of the planned procedure. We will send text updates throughout the day and will call when your pet is waking up from anesthesia.

At the time of pick up (usually between 2 and 4pm), the doctor or a technician will show you photos and x-rays from your pet’s procedure, review the medications if applicable, and give you written instructions for postoperative care. Discharge appointments usually take 10-15 minutes but can be longer for complicated cases. Patients undergoing major surgery may be transferred for overnight care.

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