Intraoral X-rays and CT scanJust as with humans, proper diagnosis of dental disease in pets requires x-rays. Two-thirds or more of each tooth is located below the gumline. Teeth can look completely normal on the outside, and yet have severe disease. Full-mouth radiographs are part of our standard of care. You wouldn’t let your own dentist extract your teeth or perform root canal treatment without taking x-rays – doesn’t your pet deserve the same level of care?

In certain cases, such as oral tumors, maxillofacial trauma, or cases with nasal discharge, additional imaging with Computed Tomography (CT scan or “CAT scan”) is helpful to determine a diagnosis or characterize the extent of disease. Through our partnership with The Sams Clinic, we can perform CT scans as part of a diagnostic work-up or presurgical planning.

Hatrick.Nikki.6-4-Aug-2016 Molly CT scan

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