Gum Disease & Periodontitis

The branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth (including gums and alveolar bone).


  • Periodontal treatment: Ultrasonic scaling above and below the gum line followed by polishing. Full-mouth radiographs and diagnostic dental charting (a physical examination of each tooth) are performed on all patients presenting for periodontal treatment. Repository (intra-pocket) antibiotic therapy may help slow the progression of periodontal disease in specific cases.
  • Extraction of non-salvageable teeth: Local anesthetic agents (similar to Novocain®) and surgical extraction techniques are employed to minimize post-operative discomfort and speed healing. We use a piezoelectric ultrasonic surgery unit for difficult extractions, minimizing surgical trauma and expediting the procedure.
  • Guided tissue regeneration. This procedure allows the conservation of teeth with significant bone loss in one or two specific areas but not affecting the entire tooth.

More information about periodontal disease

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